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I Must Decline... Respectful-Lee!

The Public-Speaking Dork!
1 September 1991
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Where to start? Let's see... I'm going to be a senior this year and I love the fact that I can yell "senior butt" in the uniform line. I'm in marching band, which is like the coolest sport in the world. I have played flute, piccolo, and trombone for the band. Although, I must say that I royally suck at the trombone. I'm co-section leader for the low brass, along with the sweet tenor-sax player, Paige. Our theme for this year's show is "The Wild West," which is really awesome. I'm also on the academic challenge team, which is like the greatest thing since jeopardy. I will admit that I am a beast on the buzzer and I take no mercy... Just ask my team members. I'm also on the debate team; I do Lincoln-Douglas Debate (co-captain). This year I was state champion, which was a huge shock to me. I guess I can see the imense benefits of lying now... haha. I absolutely love the debate team and would encourage everybody to do it. The competitions are definitely the best. I'm also a member of the Forensics team (it has absolutely nothing to do with CSI). I do domestic extemporaneous speaking, which is pretty much the slacker's category since we don't have to do anything to prepare. I sucked until junior year and magically became good. I placed first at regionals and sixth at states. I hate the extemp. gods for giving such a lousy final round topic (flippin' museum antiquities!). For school clubs I'm in National Honor Society and Math Honor Society (which I prefer to call mathletes). I have really amazing friends who I love dearly. Jennifer is pretty much awesome and will kill you when it comes to Student Congress. Nikki is like my twin; we even coordinate outfits. Shannon is my "little sister" even though we're only a few months apart. Mary is pretty much creepy and weird at times, but she's totally genuine and awesome. Becky is one of the coolest people I have ever met, and helped me get together with my boyfriend. Bethany is my favorite twig in the world, who aspires to put us all under totalitarian rule. Alexa is my favorite soccer mom. Then there is Hannah, whom I have known the longest out of everyone. She is pretty much the greatest friend a girl can have and a bombing debater. Mandee is also super awesome and is an amazing person (people are lucky to know her). I have an AMAZING boyfriend named Spencer, who is an even bigger band geek than Jen. As for this year's classes, I'm still at g-school and I'll be taking MolBio, Calculus, and Adv Tech. At Wilson, for first semester, I'll be taking band (along with my year-rounds of AP Gov. and AP English). For second semester I'll be doing a mentorship at SDMS with Mrs. Crabill. So yeah, that it pretty much my life.



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